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GSI Creos group is involved in a range of activities to conserve our global environment.

GSI Creos group is actively involved in environmental conservation as part of our business activities based on our company's philosophy.

KES Certification

GSI Creos obtained "KES Environmental Management System Standard Step 2" for its head office, the Osaka branch and the Nihonbashi office.

KES Environmental Management System Standard

Scope of Registration Registration covers all business activities including the design, manufacture, procurement and sale of textile products and industrial products at head office, the Osaka branch and the Nihonbashi office.
Registration No. KES2-13-0011
Date of Registration March 31, 2011
Date of Confirmation March 31, 2020
Registration Certificate PDF PDF (261KB)
What is KES (KES Environmental Management System Standard)?
KES is an "Environmental Management System Standard" that is administered by NPO KES Environmental Organization based in Kyoto, and it's a system set in corporate management for reduction and management of environmental load. The requirement for its "Step 2" is almost the same as the international standard, ISO14001.
* For more information on KES, go to the KES Environmental Organization homepage(http://www.keskyoto.org/)

Environmental Declaration

I. Basic Principles
- Maintaining a better environment for the future -
GSI Creos group recognizes that conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues shared by all mankind, and by being actively involved in reduction of environmental load and environmental conservation across the group as part of our business activities, we aim to be a more reliable company and promote activities among more people and organizations environmentally-friendly.
II. Policy

GSI Creos group promotes environmental management activities based on the following policy, and aims to achieve a respectful coexistence with the global environment in order to reduce our environmental load resulting from all of our business operations including the design, manufacture, material procurement and sale of textile materials and industrial products, real estate and insurance brokerage etc. and all other products and services.

  • GSI Creos group recognizes the environmental impact regarding business activities, products and services of the Group and promotes environmental conservation, including prevention of environmental pollution, sustainable use of resources, and mitigation of and countermeasures against climate change, and at the same time work to continuously improve the environmental management activities.
  • GSI Creos group complies with relevant laws, regulations and any other requirements in regards to the environment in connection with our business activities, products and services.
  • GSI Creos group addresses the following as key environmental issues.
    (1) Saving resources (reduction of the volume of OA paper usage)
    (2) Saving energy (reduction of electricity usage)
    (3) Reduction of general waste (enforcing waste separation)
    (4) Social contribution activities (collection of eco caps)
    (5) Educational activities geared towards improving the environment
  • GSI Creos group familiarizes employees with this declaration and discloses it to the general public so that each and every one of us can play an active role in activities to reduce our environmental load.
  • GSI Creos group actively participates in activities to improve the local environment.

In order to achieve the above policy, GSI Creos group establishes and periodically reviews our environmental goals to promote an effective environmental management system.

Established: November 1, 2010
Revised: November 1, 2019
GSI Creos Corporation
Representative Director, President and CEO
Tadaaki Yoshinaga

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