In the area of nail art, fingertips are colored for the purpose of self-expression. We sell products for professional nail technicians who create sophisticated designs. We also offer nail oils as nail-related products that everyone can enjoy.
We participate in nail expos that are some of the world’s largest nail events, and introduce our high-quality nail-related products to the world.

Introduction of handled brands

Based on the theme of “that which has intention is the most beautiful,” we named this brand “CON’CELECT,” combining the words “concept” and “select,” in order to express that we would like  to become one of the concepts that people who have acquired our products express. We plan and sell nail-related products so that the possibilities of nail art, which is one form of self-expression, can grow together with CON’CELECT.


Handled products

  • Nail art brushes
  • Nail oils
  • Files
  • Tool care items (cleaners and washers)
  • Toenail stockings

Introduction of products

Nail brushes

These nail brushes are the first in the industry to have adopted silicon for the handle part.
We focused on making them easy to hold so that they fit comfortably and snuggly in the hand, and enable prolonged periods of work without fatigue.

Nail oils

We meticulously developed these nail oils so that all of their raw materials are derived from plants, with the main ingredient being organic oils. Care is gently provided to the fingertips with the mild scents of nutrient-rich organic oils and essential oils.
We give consideration to sustainability, and this includes utilizing part of the proceeds from the raw material organic argan oil for the sustainable environmental protection of the production area Morocco.

Toenail stockings

These are five-toed stockings printed with nail designs, and they were created through a collaboration between CON’CELECT and popular nail artists. It is possible to enjoy nail art simply by wearing these stockings, and they can be expected to have the effect of making skin look more beautiful.


Inquiries: Hobby Department, 03-5211-1844