Ⅰ . Approach to Protecting Personal Information

With the exception of special circumstances set forth in laws and ordinances, our company shall endeavor to protect and appropriately handle personal information in accordance with the following policies.


  1. Name, address, and representative of our company
    Name: GSI Creos Corporation
    Address: 16Fl, Shiba-Koen First Bldg., 3-8-2, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014
    Representative: Representative Director, President and CEO Tadaaki Yoshinaga
  2. Appropriate acquisition of personal information, and public announcement and notification concerning purpose of use
    Our company shall only acquire personal information through the use of legitimate and fair means. In the case of the acquisition of personal information, our company shall notify individuals of the purpose of use, or publicly announce the purpose of use.
  3. Use
    The use of personal information acquired by our company shall be limited to the purpose publicly announced, or purpose notified to relevant individuals.
  1. Provision to third parties
    Our company shall not provide personal information that has been received to third parties, except in situations that correspond to any of the following.
    1. The individual in question has consented to such provision in advance.
    2. Outsourcing has been carried out within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use.
    3. Such provision is required based on laws and ordinances.
    4. Such provision is necessary for the protection of life, body, or property, and obtaining consent from the individual in question is difficult.
    5. There is a particular need for such provision in order to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and obtaining consent from the individual in question is difficult.
    6. Such provision is necessary in order to cooperate with the implementation of clerical duties by the national government or a local government, etc. as set forth in laws and ordinances, and obtaining consent from the individual in question carries the risk of interfering with the execution of such duties.
  1. Security measures
    Our company shall take appropriate security measures to prevent loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc. regarding personal information. Furthermore, our company shall carry out the necessary and appropriate supervision regarding employees and contractors (including subcontractors) that handle personal data. 

 (Development of rules regarding handling of personal data)

  • ​​​Our company has formulated “Basic Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information” regarding matters such as handling methods and managers/supervisors & their duties, in relation to all steps including acquisition, use, storage, provision, and deletion/disposal. 

 (Organizational security control measures)

  • Our company has established a supervisor of clerical-duty handling in relation to the handling of personal data, and has clarified the employees who handle personal data and the scope of the personal data handled by such employees. Furthermore, our company has developed a system for reporting to, and communicating with, the supervisor of clerical-duty handling in the case that facts or signs have been discovered indicating that there has been a violation of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or the Basic Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information.
  • Our company regularly performs self-inspections regarding the status of the handling of personal data, and implements audits in this regard via an independent internal auditing department.

 (Personnel-related security control measures)

  • Our company regularly implements training for employees in relation to matters to keep in mind regarding the handling of personal data.
  • Our company has set forth internal regulations on confidentiality-related matters with regard to personal data.

 (Physical security control measures)

  • In zones in which personal data is handled, our company implements measures to prevent the viewing of personal data by persons who are not authorized to do so. These measures include installing walls and dividers, etc., carefully devising seating arrangements, and managing the locking of storage areas.
  • Our company takes measures to prevent theft, loss, and so on regarding equipment, electronic media, and documents, etc. on which personal data is handled. Furthermore, in cases in which equipment and electronic media, etc. are carried outside of the company, our company takes measures to prevent personal data on such from easily being viewed.

 (Technical security control measures)

  • Our company implements access controls, and limits scopes regarding supervisors, databases in which personal information is handled, and so on.
  • Our company has introduced mechanisms that protect information systems that handle personal data against unauthorized access from the outside, and rogue software. 
  1. Complying with relevant laws and ordinances, etc., and making ongoing improvements
    Our company shall comply with laws and ordinances, etc. concerning the protection of personal information, and make ongoing improvements by periodically revising management systems.
  2. Requesting disclosure, etc. of personal information
    In the case that an individual has requested the viewing, correcting, suspending of use, deleting, etc. of his/her personal information, our company shall promptly accommodate such after confirming the identity of the individual based on prescribed procedures. If you have any questions or would like to exercise your rights regarding this “Approach to Protecting Personal Information,” please contact us using the information in “8. Contact point for inquiries” below. 
  3. Contact point for inquiries
    If you have any questions or complaints regarding our company’s handling of personal data, please contact the contact point below.
    1. Address: 
      Legal Affairs & Credit Control Section (Tokyo), Legal Affairs & Credit Control Department
      16Fl, Shiba-Koen First Bldg., 3-8-2, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014
    2. Telephone number:
    3. Reception hours: 
      Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays, New Year’s holiday, and holidays of our company)
      9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Ⅱ . Purpose of use of your personal information

With the exception of special circumstances where relevant individuals are notified separately of the purpose of the use of personal information, GSI Creos handles personal information for the following purposes for the performance of its business operations. For details of its business operations, please refer to the Business Introduction in this website.


  1. Conclusion and execution of agreements concerning the provision of products and services, other business administration
  2. Provision of information concerning products and services
  3. Contacting customers and individuals concerning business matters and the provision of notices and information in accordance with social conventions
  4. Sending of products and invoices, etc.
  5. Provision of information concerning events, including exhibitions and seminars, etc.
  6. Conducting surveys, research, analysis and audits
  7. Implementation of prizes and campaigns, etc.
  8. Exchange of information and contacting persons from related industries and groups
  9. Provision of corporate information and contacting for job applicants and prospective employees
  10. Recruitment, human resource and labor management and welfare
  11. Maintenance management and management of usage conditions of facilities, equipment and machinery
  12. Handling, checking, and recording inquiries, requests, complaints, support operations, and so on regarding our company
  13. Safely providing the products and services of our company
  14. Discovering users in violation of the terms of use, and giving notification to relevant users
  15. Investigating, detecting, preventing, and addressing wrongful acts such as fraud that is based on use of the services, etc., and unauthorized access

Ⅲ . Purpose of use of shareholders information

Personal information belonging to shareholders is used for the following purposes.


  1. Addressing of the execution of rights and performance of the obligations in accordance with the Companies Act and other relevant regulations
  2. Granting benefits to shareholders
  3. Implementation of measures to facilitate an understanding of corporate activities and to maintain an amiable relationship with our shareholders
  4. Standard business administration, including the preparation of personal data of shareholders, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations