Questions regarding company

  • What is your securities code?

    Our securities code is 8101.

  • When were you listed?

    We were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section in February 1973 (and listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange Second Section in November 1973), and we received a first-section designation (regarding both stock exchanges) in November 1978. In addition, due to the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we transited Prime market in April 2022.

  • What is the content of your business?

    The main businesses of our group are the businesses of Textile Materials Division and our Industrial Products Division. In recent years, we have been strengthening our initiatives regarding environment-related, and businesses related to life & health and energy in order to contribute to building sustainable societies. For details, please see our “Business Introduction” and  “Sustainability.”

  • What are your management policy and strategies?

    The Company Philosophy of our group consists of our Corporate Philosophy, Management Philosophy, and Code of Conduct. Our basic policy regarding management is as stated in our “Corporate Philosophy,” which is at the center of our “Company Philosophy”: as a “business producer seeking quality of life for the next generation,” our group works to earn the trust, meet the expectations, and realize the happiness of, all parties including “shareholders,” “business associates,” and “employees.” As for our main initiatives for the future, please see “Management Policy.”

  • What are your numbers of bases in Japan and overseas?

    We have seven bases in Japan and 24 overseas.
    For information on our bases, please see “Network.”

  • What companies are your affiliates?

    For information on our domestic and overseas affiliates, please see “Network.

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