Our company recognizes corporate governance to be a system for monitoring top-level management for relevant parties, as well as an autonomous operating structure for seeking to maximize group value in drastically changing environments. Based on this basic recognition, our company seeks to strengthen and enhance corporate governance, and works to ensure the transparency of top-level management and increase the efficiency of business operations.

[Separation of supervisory functions and business execution functions]
Our company has introduced an executive officer system that is aimed at clearly separating the decision‐making and supervisory functions of our top-level management, and our business execution functions, and thus we carry out efficient business execution.


[Ensuring soundness and transparency of Board of Directors]
Our Board of Directors entrusts some important decision‐making regarding business execution to directors, and this enables swift decision‐making. Furthermore, our company has taken the form of a “company with an audit and supervisory committee,” and the objective of this is seeking to ensure the soundness and transparency of the Board of Directors based on auditing and supervising by the Audit and Supervisory Committee, which is composed of three directors (including two outside directors) who have the right to vote at meetings of the Board of Directors.

[Diagram of corporate governance system]


As of Dec 10, 2021