The Textile Materials Division is the original business of GSI Creos. We started with the exporting of raw silk, and then expanded our business areas to include yarns, fabrics, and products. We have now developed a wide variety of businesses that range from fashion to textile materials, and include items from raw materials to products.


Within our businesses, a strength of our company is the fact that we carry out the development, manufacturing, and sale of various materials. This is especially true since globally there has been growing demand for materials that have functionalities such as pleasant textures, cool touch, heat retention, and moisture retention, as well as sustainable materials.


In recent years, we have been boosting our own unique development & planning proposal-based sales capabilities year by year. This has been based on collaboration with our various bases and subsidiaries throughout Japan and overseas and with our external partners such as production bases and sales channels, and has included the launching of our own brands.