We collaborate with domestic and overseas original-yarn manufacturers and major material manufacturers, and handle yarns and fabrics that are suited for innerwear. Furthermore, we plan and sell products with various designs that make use of functional materials, including our own independently developed materials. We carry out the processing of yarns and fabrics and the sewing of products at subcontract factories in Asia, and at our own sewing factories (Nisshin Kohgyo Corporation / Sophia Corporation) in Japan. The main purchasers are major domestic and overseas apparel manufacturers, and mass-merchandise stores.


We collaborate with material manufacturers and processing plants, and sell yarns and products suited for socks and legwear to major domestic and overseas apparel & socks manufacturers and mass-merchandise stores. Processing and production are carried out at locations such as the factories of our own products (Beijing) and finished yarn sales companies (Pinghu) in China.
In Japan, we carry out the sale of yarns and OEM and ODM production of products, and we also sell the licensed products of overseas brands.

Introduction of handled brands


This is a women’s briefs brand that targets middle-aged women.
The products are characterized by the use of elegant and delicate lace.
We have developed a series consisting of “Fuka,” which is centered on basic items, and “Style Up Fuka,” which features front portions and so on that contain power net fabric and additional moderate tightening effects.


Inquiries: Body Fashion Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 06-6944-2617

Three Crystals

This is a crepe underwear brand.
We carry out integrated production entirely in Japan that ranges from planning to manufacturing and sales. The products provide gentle and refreshing comfort, and feature outstanding sweat absorbency & wicking, hygroscopicity, and breathability. We have a long sales track record, and while inheriting traditions in this regard, we carry out manufacturing and sales in which we put quality and safety first.


Inquiries: Body Fashion Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 06-6944-2617

Introduction of licensed brand

Robert P. Miller

This was established as an underwear brand in Arkansas in the United States in 1937. GSI ABROS Co., Ltd. sells the licensed products, which include innerwear, socks, and sweat clothes.

Inquiries: GSI ABROS Co., Ltd., tel.: 03-6661-9163