Our company is aiming for a future in which all “people,” “goods,” and “environments” related to our businesses exist together in harmony.

As a “business-creating trading company,” we will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The world is currently facing various issues, and interest has been increasing globally regarding people’s environmental and social issues. In 2001, our company revised our “Company Philosophy” and set forth the six pillars of “With Employees,” “With Shareholders,” “With Business Associates,” “With the Market,” “For the Environment,” and “For the Company Organization,” and we have been carrying out our business activities based on this. Since that time, we have been focusing on the environment, and have been carrying out business in a responsible manner as a company seeking to exist in harmony with all stakeholders.


For example, in environmental fields, we have been handling biodegradable plastics and recycled plastic resins in order to take measures against plastic waste, and we have been working on automobile lightwieghting businesses that are aimed reducing CO2 emissions. In health fields, we have started to supply medical consumables as a measure against COVID-19, and we have been exporting dialysis machines to South America.


In order for the GSI Creos Group to continue to fulfill environmental and social needs, all of our employees shall independently take action centering on our Company Philosophy. Furthermore, with a view to making the next generation healthy and lively and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs, our group shall work closely together with the aim of growing clean businesses that are trusted by all stakeholders.

President and CEO

Tadaaki  Yoshinaga

SDGs in which GSI Creos is involved

For protection of natural environment

For living that is healthy and safe

For the happiness of all stakeholders