Realizing gender equality

Our company promotes outstanding human resources to managerial positions regardless of gender. Each year, the number of women executives and managers has been increasing in the GSI Creos Group overall. Furthermore, we have been holding in-house forums, at which our women managers gather, in order to support the active participation of women.

Realizing equality for nationalities

Our company has 29 bases in Japan and overseas, and people of a variety of nationalities actively participate in our company worldwide. We proactively hire national staff members, and have been promoting locally-hired staff members, including to the position of president at GSI Creos Korea Co., Ltd. and GSI Creos Brasil Ltda.
Furthermore, we have been introducing overseas training systems throughout our group with the objective of cultivating human resources who possess a global awareness. We have also been deepening mutual understanding by dispatching trainees from Japan to overseas, and from overseas to Japan.

Protecting human rights in supply chains

Our company uses raw materials that have received Bluesign, Better Cotton Initiative, or other certification, and this protects the work environments in our supply chains and guarantees the payment of decent wages. Furthermore, we hire persons with disabilities for the production processes of some of our products, and create inclusive employment opportunities.

Supporting individualized ways of working

We have introduced systems that support flexible ways of working, and thus all of our employees are able to work in a way that suits them.
For example, employees who are engaging in childcare and nursing care are able to use reduced work schedules and take childcare leave and nursing-care leave. In addition, we have systems for staggered working hours, working from home, and so on, so employees can engage in ways of working that are flexible and diverse.Also, in order to make it possible for employees to concentrate on their tasks in comfortable environments, we have developed office environments that include the installation of relaxation spaces and office greening.Furthermore, we have been promoting the introduction of IT in order to increase the efficiency of operations, and we have been shifting to paperless systems and effectively utilizing online meetings.

Fair employee education and personnel evaluations

We have introduced a “performance and merit-based system” so that various people can actively participate at our company regardless of age, gender, nationality, and religion.
Furthermore, we cultivate professional human resources through our training institute called “Creos Academy.” As a result of this, all of our employees are able to have equal access to in-house training and e-learning. We also have a system for supporting employees when they voluntarily take correspondence courses in order to improve their skills.