GSI Creos is a “business-creating trading company” that is centered on textiles and industrial products.
As a “business producer seeking quality of life for the next generation,” we work to earn the trust, meet the expectations, and realize the happiness of all those who create value together with GSI Creos. “Business producing” refers to the act of making full use of global networks to discover value in the world or creating new value, and then building business models with social value while carrying out verification based on an independent perspective. We continuously implement such initiatives diligently one at a time while sparing no effort for the further “evolution and growth” of our group, and while constantly giving thought to factors such as “the abundance of the next generation,” “people’s smiles,” and “conservation of the global environment.” 


Since our foundation in 1931, we have been greatly expanding the products that we handle so that we can meet the varying needs of the times, and these products have come to include yarns & fabric, innerwear, outerwear, chemicals, machinery, hobby products, semiconductors-related goods, and carbon nanotubes. During this process, our major strengths have grown and now consist of our extensive domestic and global networks, the know-how related to material processing and sewing of our Textile Materials Division, and the highly specialized technologies and knowledge and advanced business-development know-how of our Industrial Products Division. 


The world has been significantly shifting toward the realization of “sustainable societies.” We will thus expand our businesses that contribute the achievement of the SDGs in the fields of “environment,” “lifestyle & health,” and “energy,” while integrating our strengths, creating new advantages, and further deepening collaboration with our subsidiaries in Japan and overseas. Based on this, we will promote ESG management and work to boost corporate value. 


We hope to receive your ongoing support and encouragement in the future.

President and CEO

Tadaaki  Yoshinaga