Based on initiatives with domestic and overseas original-yarn manufacturers, major material manufacturers, and processing companies (including our affiliates GSI Marulontex Co., Ltd. and Tajima Gosen Co., Ltd.), we handle a wide range of yarns of whether they be of natural or synthetic fibers. With major domestic and overseas apparel companies our key business associates, our yarns are used as materials for innerwear, legwear (stockings, tights, and socks), sweaters, and bedding, and in recent years, we have been focusing our efforts on the development of our own unique new materials and functional yarns.

Introduction of products

Catechin fibers (patent pending)

These are new natural fibers with antibacterial performance that make use of oil extracted from tea fruits. A high level of antibacterial properties is maintained even after repeated washing. This product makes effective use of tea fruits that were previously being discarded, so it has been garnering attention as a sustainable material.


Inquiries: Fibers Materials Department Sales Section No. 1, tel.: 06-6944-2628

Curehertz (trademark registration being applied for)

This is a new material in which minerals that possess far-infrared ray effects and negative ion effects are woven into fibers. This product promotes blood flow so can be expected to have the effect of supporting the body’s circulation.


Inquiries: Fiber Department Sales Section, tel.: 06-6944-2614

Marulon (trademark) / Downstop (trademark) / retroreflective yarns

These are functional yarns sold by GSI Marulontex Co., Ltd. We also handle special elastic yarns that can be used for apparel, as well as for materials and medical uses.


Inquiries: Fiber Department Sales Section, tel.: 06-6944-2614

Creo Tex (trademark)

GSI Creos Fiber & Textile Pinghu Co., Ltd. uses the “Creo Tex” trademark, and sells various finished yarns and functional yarns within China and to Japan.

Inquiries: Fiber Department Sales Section, tel.: 06-6944-2614