We collaborate with major domestic and overseas material manufacturers, and sell fabrics with special characteristics for clothing, furniture, and miscellaneous goods. Our sales of fabrics for clothing are centered on products for innerwear and outerwear. We develop materials and fabrics that are tailored to the concepts of apparel manufacturers, and we mainly engage in transactions with well-known brand-name apparel companies of North America, Europe, and Asia. We also offer fabrics for furniture and miscellaneous goods, and are currently expanding our sales in various countries centering on interior goods manufacturers.

Introduction of products


This is a “cool touch” processed fabric that feels cool even on hot days since it contains a menthol-based processing agent that activates temperature sensors on people’s skin.


Inquiries: Textile Materials Division Strategy Office, tel.: 06-6944-2691


This is a fabric with outstanding moisture absorption and thermal function that feels warm from the moment that it is worn. It has both a pleasant texture and stretchability so it has been garnering attention as a fabric for use in scenarios such as fishing and motorcycle riding.


Inquiries: Fibers Materials Department Hokuriku Sales Office, tel.: 0776-26-3655