We have domestic and overseas raw material manufacturers as business associates, and carry out various proposals to cosmetic manufacturers.

We currently offer numerous raw materials that are in line with the needs of society, and these include natural raw materials derived from plants, the ocean, microalgaeas well as sustainable raw materials that make use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies such as cell culture technologies and fermentation technologies, and organic raw materials that are based on fair transactions with producers.

We also handle skincare & haircare raw materials that are based on the latest dermatology and hair-science research.

Furthermore, we gather information on the latest news and trends regarding raw materials and cosmetics in general, around the world utilizing our global networks, and then we provide this information to business associates such as cosmetic manufacturers. Based on providing feedback from Japan to overseas, we make an effort to offer raw materials that are in line with the needs of the Japanese market.

On the webpage of the GSI Creos Personal Care Ingredients Department, we introduce information on recommended raw materials.


Inquiries: Personal Care Ingredients Department, 03-5211-1850