We propose and sell resins, which are raw materials for various plastic products and thus are essential for everyday life, for various purposes and applications. We also handle recycled raw materials and biodegradable resin raw materials, and proactively promote the sale of products that can contribute to the effective utilization of resources and the reduction of environmental loads.



Functional Plastics Department Tokyo Sales Section, tel.: +81 3-5418-2130
Functional Plastics Department Osaka Sales Section, tel.: +81 6-6944-2622

Introduction of products

Mater-Bi, which was developed by the Italian company Novamont, is a line of biodegradable plastics that are partly derived from plant resources, such as industrial starch and vegetable oils, and biopolymers. These plastics are ultimately decomposed into water and carbon dioxide through the actions of microorganisms, and thus they can be expected to help resolve waste disposal problems. In Europe, they are already being used for a wide range of applications, including compost bags, plastic grocery bags, paper lamination, and injection molded products. Our company is importing and selling these materials, and we manufacture and sell related films and molded products.


Inquiries: Mater-Bi Sales Team, mater-bi@gsi.co.jp