We handle various types of films, and these include packaging films for enhancing the value of contained products based on beautiful designs, films that help decrease food waste and loss by slowing flavor deterioration, and industrial films.
We have been increasing our handling of products such as unique anti-rust films that prevent the rusting of metal based on the performance of plant-derived ingredients, and biodegradable films that return to the soil. Thus, we contribute to the creation of sustainable societies based on proposing various films that are useful for everyday life.

Packaging films

We purchase plastic films from Japan and overseas for the packaging of foods such as fresh vegetables, and commonly used daily necessities, and we focus on designs that take advantage of characteristics and functions, in order to offer products that meet needs. We are able to propose packaging businesses in a comprehensive manner, with the inclusion of film rolls, film-processed products, and packaging machinery.

Industrial and function films

We offer a variety of industrial plastic films and film-processed products for the manufacturing and logistics processes of Japan’s world-renowned high-quality electronic components and optical components.
Our anti-rust films, which are primarily made from plants, do not contain the chemical substance amine, and thus they are not only highly functional, but also friendly to people and the environment.

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