We sell non-woven masks and specially treated cloth masks. Furthermore, we handle items such as consumables related to dialysis machines. Also, we support the medical industry with regard to materials.

Introduction of products

Spatial care masks

These are disposable pleated masks that incorporate filters made from melt-blown non-woven fabrics, which are excellent at filtering particles. For the part that goes over the ears, special nylon and polyurethane materials are used and there is a hollow structure, so pain around the ears can be avoided even when the masks are used for long periods of time.

Inquiries: Fibers Materials Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 03-5643-3140

Antibacterial masks with power of tea fruits

These are masks made with “catechin fibers,” which we have developed jointly with subcontract factories. Oil extracted from tea fruits produced in Shizuoka Prefecture is woven into the catechin fibers. Thus, the masks have a high level of antibacterial effects, and can be washed and used again and again.

Inquiries: Fibers Materials Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 03-5643-3140

Antiviral masks of Swiss company Livinguard

These are masks that we manufacture in Japan in collaboration with the Swiss company Livinguard.
In the fabric, the surfaces of the fibers are specially treated so that they have an electrostatically positive charge at the molecular level. As a result, the fabric has the function of making viruses and so on inactive. The masks can retain their antiviral effects even after being washed and used 30 or more times.

Inquiries: Lifestyle Goods Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 06-6944-2650