We sell products that support people who enjoy hobbies, and help make people’s hobby lives more fulfilling. We have developed our own brands, and carry out the planning, production, and sale of modeling paints, tools, and products for handcrafts.

Introduction of our company’s brands

This brand handles modeling-related products including modeling paints and tools. It sells products in Japan and overseas, and was established based on the idea, “We would like to provide constant support from a standpoint of familiarity so that all types of customers can have a modeling life that is more enjoyable and more brimming with creativity.”


Handled products

  • Modeling paints (Mr. COLOR, Aqueous Hobby Color, Acrysion Color)
  • Painting tools (airbrushes, compressors, nippers, etc.)
  • Imported plastic models (Europe, China, Taiwan, etc.)

Classy’n Dressy

This is a brand that offers fashionable, refined, elegant craft materials and tools for people who enjoy handcrafts. This brand provides support through substantive tools and materials both when users are immersed in creating works, and when people are admiring finished works.


Handled products

  • Craft paints (Aqueous Hobby Color)
  • Craft materials, tools, and compressors


Inquiries: Hobby Department, 03-5211-1844