We sell household items and sanitary goods such as toothbrushes, loungewear, towels, neck pillows, and gloves.


We sell high-quality, fashionable household goods utilizing our production channels and know-how in the field of textiles.
Since we have many business partners, and possess knowledge and experience regarding products from yarns to products, we are able to purchase and process high-quality materials. In addition, because we handle apparel products, we are able to incorporate fashionable designs, and this includes adopting on-trend colors.
Furthermore, we proactively carry out the development of daily necessities in line with changes to social environments.

Introduction of products


This is a brand of toothbrushes that add color to daily life through innovative combinations of “functionality × fashionableness.”
We have developed our own metal molds for this brand. We make use of procurement functions that are unique to us as a trading company, and then purchase all raw materials, including brush materials and pattern materials, on our own. Sales are carried out on our EC website (Jolie Clothes) and at miscellaneous goods stores.


Inquiries: Lifestyle Goods Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 06-6944-2650

ChamU face masks

These are face masks that make use of sheets of “Chamitec,” a naturally derived fiber into which “tea fruit oil” 100% produced in Shizuoka Prefecture is woven. “Chamitec” sheets enhance moisturizing power by promoting the penetration of tea fruit oil and placenta extracts into the skin.


Inquiries: Fibers Materials Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 03-5643-3140