Through our company’s e-commerce (EC) website, we carry out sales of products for a wide range of markets. We offer products in various genres that include our own products.


Furthermore, we also sell products on major mass-merchandise EC websites. We additionally carry out cross-border EC businesses for overseas.


Our subsidiaries Izumi Corporation and GSI ABROS Co., Ltd. are also currently selling products on our website and on mass-merchandise EC websites.

Introduction of EC website

This is an EC website that serves as a “life design store,” and sells our company’s products and functional products that utilize advanced technologies. The products sold are centered on items that support everyday life, such as masks and toothbrushes.

Inquiries: Lifestyle Goods Department Sales Section No. 2, tel.: 06-6944-2650

This is a lingerie brand for women with larger busts. 
The brand is inspired by the image of “women of Los Angeles who have a positive aura.” We design bras that provide a natural-looking bust line by focusing on the lightness and thinness of materials.