We handle various products that meet the needs of markets ranging from general industrial products to automobiles and the aerospace industry. For example, these products include molding machine equipment, cutting-edge process technologies and related jigs and peripheral equipment, software, and consumable parts.


In order to realize sustainable societies, we introduce European cutting-edge weight-reduction technologies, and technologies related to environmentally-friendly hydrogen to composite material-related industries such as automobile, railway, and aircraft industries. Furthermore, we also carry out the sale of development & prototype-production molds, and this includes material property testing and design analysis services, which are essential for the development of composite material parts. We also focus on selecting and proposing materials that do not place a burden on the natural environment, and we aim to create environmentally-friendly businesses.

Introduction of products

Composite material-related devices, materials, and equipment

Accompanying the popularization of electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles, which are friendly to the global environment, there has been an increasing need to boost the basic performance of automobiles by making car bodies lighter. We handle a lineup of weight-reduction technologies that include production equipment and design analysis & development and prototype production with regard to lightweight components that are based on the strengthening of carbon fibers and glass fibers through the use of presses and injection molding machines. Furthermore, we introduce mass production technologies related to hydrogen and various types of pressure vessel manufacturing, as well as related test equipment and peripheral equipment.

Plastic molding machines

We mainly handle special plastic molding machines that have combined functions. One of these is a technology that performs direct painting & coating inside injection molds, and it significantly reduces energy consumption compared with conventional painting methods. Furthermore, our molding technologies do not use solvents, and are friendly regarding worker health and the environment.

Textile machinery

We handle machinery for producing yarns for the manufacture of stockings and socks, machinery for carrying out finishing processing with steam, machinery for manufacturing narrow-woven fabrics for elastic cords for masks.

Electrical discharge machines, ion exchange resins, and filters

We handle narrow hole electrical discharge machines that are used for the drilling of tiny holes, which is difficult to perform with machining. We also handle consumables such as filters for filtering working fluids that contain post-processing chips, and ion exchange resins that ensure that working fluids have the proper water quality.

Fluorine tubes and fluorine materials

In regard to rollers that are used for copy machines, textile dyeing processes, and film manufacturing lines, we sell tubes that protect the rollers from dirt, as well as fluorine resins, which are a raw material for the tubes.

Self-healing paints

We handle paints that are able to self-heal with regard to scratches at room temperature.

Glass parting agent

This is an oil agent that facilitates the scratch-free removal of bottles from metal molds during glass-bottle manufacturing. Glass has been garnering attention as a recyclable material.

High performance papers

These are high performance papers that carry out the impregnation of electrolyte solution, which is essential for the manufacturing of condensers.

Materials for manufacture of high-pressure rubber hoses

During the manufacture of high-pressure rubber hoses that are used for automobiles and construction machinery, these materials become the cores for creating the hollow part of the hoses.

Cleaning agents

These are cleaning agents that are made from raw materials based on plants such as palms, corn, soybeans, safflowers, sugar cane, and apples. They do not contain any environmental hormones, petroleum-based substances, fragrances, and colorants, so they do not place a burden on the environment and quickly return to nature. They can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from home use to industrial applications.


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