We handle high value-added raw materials that are used for a variety of paints, inks, and adhesives. We import unique overseas products that have patented technologies, such as various resins and additives, and at the same time, we carry out the overseas export of various Japanese products. Centering on our local subsidiaries, we have developed sales networks worldwide, and we implement sales and marketing in a unified manner.

Introduction of products

Crosslinking agents

These are materials that link polymers in polymer chemistry, and cause reactions that change physical and chemical properties.

Functional additives

We offer many different types of silicone resins, additives, and transcriptional accelerants for flexographic inks, and these contribute to the manufacturing processes and finishing processes of various products.

Anti-rust agents

We handle materials that can be used for a variety of applications, including pigments with outstanding anti-rust effects, and liquid anti-rust agents. We have been expanding our handling of environmentally-friendly products, such as ones that do not contain toxic substances.

Coating resins

We handle materials that can be used for the finishing processes of final products in various genres ranging from adhesives to wood coatings.


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